Finally Teachers Gift

Let's see if Blogger is going to cooperate today. After being annoyed on my last post I came down with a nasty chest cold and have spent the past two and half days in bed. I feel much better today.

I threw together this teachers gift last week. I'm not real happy with it but my daughter's teacher loved and that's what matters. I know why I don't like it. The background looks too plain to me. I need to remember to add more layers before I add my focal elements. I actually love my wrapping. Check it out. I used a piece of very thin vellum used in the construction trade to draw up plans that my husband gave me. He gave me an entire roll of it and I have been trying to figure out a use for it. It worked perfectly in a pinch for wrapping paper. I stamped all over it with Stazon Inks and tied it up with a piece of ribbon.
This is not the way I want my pictures to show up but I am not in the mood for it today so I am going to leave it as is.


Anonymous said…
i like it!!! how nice for a teacher to get something unique! i especially like the word inspire.

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