Artsydoll Charm Swap ~~ Whoo Hoo

A big thank you goes out to Kelly Parker for hosting the Artsydoll charm swap on the arttechniques yahoo group! This was my first charm swap and I can't tell you how much fun it was. The charms I received back are little works of art. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them yet. Since I played twice I have over 40 charms to play around with. I'll probably make a bracelet and a necklace. Also a big thank you goes out to all of the players. Below is a numbered list so you can match charm to artist. Group 2 is the first group picture with Group 1 below it. Click on the picture for a larger veiw.

If you are the artist who made charm # 18 in group 2 please send me your name so you can get credit for the beautiful little heart charm you made. It's one of my favorites!
One of my charms is the single charm at the top. I just realized as I was looking for a picture of my charms I forgot to take one of my second charm. Sorry I can't show you that one.

Group 1 is the second picture

1 Deb Patrick
2 Dee Nolan
3 Birdy
4 Ellen Gray
5 Suzi Luth
6 Rosie Chapman
7 Kelly Parker
8 Pam Hartman
9 Marilyn W. Kegg
10 Cathie Kushner
11 Unknown
12 Cathie Kushner
13 Lisa Lloyd
14 Katina Hronas
15 Jessica Sherwood
16 Lauri Jean Crowe
17 Cara Bricco
18 Susan Brown
19 Sanna Aka
20 Kitty
21 Elizabeth Dawson

Group 2 is the first picture

1 Jean Holland
2 Susan Brown
3 Leslie Anderson
4 Dee Nolan
5 Rosie Chapman
6 Chandra Orr
7 Jessica Sherwood Mathis
8 Lauri Jean Crwoe
9 Pam Hartman
10 Deb Patrick
11 Lauri Jean Crowe
12 Tina Hamilton
13 Shaunalea Swantek
14 Katina Hronas
15 Kelly Parker
16 Elizabeth Dawson
17 Susan Brown
18 Unknown
19 Marilyn
20 missing
21 Cathie Kushner


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