Artist Trading Cards & Paper Image Transfers

Blogger is giving me a fit with these pictures!

Here are some ATC's that I made this past weekend. Beware. Some of them are not the average ATC. My family is very outdoorsy so some of the things I create reflect that. Last week I found an animal encyclopedia that the binding was falling off. It made it very easy for me to tear the pages out. I have a problem tearing up books to use in my crafting. I am also a big reader so destroying books does not come easy to me. But since this book was already falling apart I decided to make some ATC's using the animal pictures. I figured my " exercise " would be to make an ATC using the animal pictures and embellishing with things from nature. I used bark from a cypress tree in my yard and handmade paper that I made from lemongrass and a wild reed that grows on our property. I really love the monkey one! The pretty one is made of fabric that is sewn onto a background of muslin.
If your interested in learning how to do paper image transfers with plain copy paper please visit LayersUponLayers for Cyndi' Lavin's Technique Tuesday. Some of my transfers made on handmade paper and muslin with be on her site Friday at this link
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Anonymous said…
What a fabulous way to honor an old book, Arlene! They're wonderful :-)

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