AOM Lynne Perrella Swap Challenge

Here is a picture of an ATC that I did for an Artist of the Month Challenge Swap being hosted by Sherre from the yahoo group Arttechniqueatcs. The idea of the AOM swaps is for you to do a technique that the featured artist uses in their art work. Then of course we swap our atc’s. The whole idea is for you to stretch your creative juices and use a technique that you might normally not use. Of course this will make you a better artist all around and possibly help your own artistic muse fly. Well let me tell you I struggled with this. This is my first AOM challenge and it is not that I could not figure out the artist Lynne Perrella’s techniques. She is a wonderful artist who puts layers upon layers on her art to give a piece depth and beauty. I had no problem with that. My background for this ATC has five layers not including the image, butterfly stamp, alphabet & number stamps or text images. I think I got the layers part down pat.
The problem stems from trying to copy another artist style. I've only been doing ATC's for a couple of months. I have not found my own "style" yet. I'm enjoying the challenges of this group but this may be my first and last AOM. I'm also wondering if maybe my problem is stemming from my own insercurities as an artist myself. This could very well be my problem and maybe as time goes by I'll feel differently.
The other swaps I've sign up for are not artist specific and I really can't wait to do those. The next one I'll be working on is a Alcohol Ink & Transparency ATC swap. I just bought the Ranger Ardirondack Alcohol Inks and have an idea of what I am going to do for that swap.
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Shari said…
I like your ATC very much. I wouldn't worry too much about "copying" someone else's style too much. It may be that this is your interpretation of L.P.'s style and that you used techniques that are common to her collages, but this ATC is really your own. My feeling about our little mixed media art world is this, what is old is new and what is new is old. All of these techniques came from somewhere else---they just all have little twists and differences that make them each artist's own. The theme of this swap just encouraged you to check out another artists style and try some different things in your piece that you may not have tried otherwise (i.e. many layers). Keep trying the different techniques---some you will incorporate into your style and some you will discard. It's just a part of the process of finding out wo you are!!! Keep creating!

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