Transparency Manipulations

Saturday while I was having a blast making homemade bread and bagels I promised to post some more of the altered art work I am busy working on. The first image is a scan of a transparency print. The transparency is laid over two stamped images on a piece of card stock. I then sewed a border of embroidary thread around the images.

When I first found the world of altered art I had read about using transparencies but because I didn't know anything about the technique I stayed away from it. Last week I started playing around with some of the vintage images I have been collecting for years.

This image I overlaid the transparency of the woman on top of a piece of scrapbook paper and added a charm. The stiching is a simple X. These stiches hold the transparency to the background paper.
I am really enjoying playing around with the transparencies but I have noticed that unless I adhere the transaperncy immedietly to a piece of paper or card stock the ink will start to run or bleed. These first two images along with another I haven't done anything with yet, did not run. My printer was set to print on a regular setting. The next set of prints I printed using the transparency setting and those I did not like the way they looked after sitting on my desk. The images have a blurry look that I do not like.


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